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Collective Care in Times of Crisis

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Live Global Events
Mindfulness Practices

Join 5 transformative days of the Summit
for these compelling reasons

Free Exclusive Access:
Enjoy inspiring interviews & mindfulness practices from March 5-9, 2025 at times that work for you.

Gain insights and a felt experience of the potential of trauma-informed care to heal the scars of the past and transform into a global healing movement.

Welcome Inclusivity:
we welcome individuals of all genders, including queer and non-binary people, whose energies align with the concept of “feminine energy”.

Access mindfulness practices that support your groundedness, agency and inner joy, even in difficult times.

Connect with real stories from crisis areas: listen firsthand to what it is like for those in the frontlines and interact with them through our live Global Social Witnessing sessions.

Interactive Sessions:
Participate in live online events, with community leaders, panel discussions, poetry readings, and more.

Meet inspiring speakers:
Learn from esteemed speakers such as Scilla Elworthy, Oleksandra Matviichuk, Rola Halam, Thomas Hübl, and many more.

Foster “feminine energy”:
nurture intuitive and connective qualities traditionally associated with femininity, the summit aims to cultivate a culture of trauma-informed care to address global divisions.

Healing Personal and Collective Trauma:
Delve into the potential for healing personal, intergenerational, and collective trauma as a key component of addressing the tensions and suffering in our world today.

Conversations 2024

Remember that each one of us has a role to play.


Your contribution helps us to raise awareness, restore our collective sensitivity and increase our flow of co-creative action.

Even in the darkest times, the human spirit’s capability for healing and peace is boundless. Our greatest power lies in collective action arising from wisdom, and this is the challenge that we should take on: to heal the past, meet the now and design the future: with consciousness and care, at the global level

Program Overview


With a wonderful selection of inspirational speakers, we will learn from those who have achieved miracles in the midst of suffering and recognize the need to nurture “feminine energy”, irrespective of gender. 


In these live global social witnessing events, we listen to voices of grief and joy on the  frontlines of conflict and war. We grow our embodied care and shift from being bystanders to responding from our hearts, minds and bodies.


Every day, we are accompanied by one mindfulness practice that helps us grow our toolkit to balance ourselves and restore our collective sensitivity.  Together, we are unfolding compassion and possibility.


We are adding some of our best interviews from past years of the Collective Trauma Summit, hosted by Thomas Hübl, to the summit package – conversations with women who have inspired thousands. 

Let’s grow a global healing movement that knows no borders or boundaries.

Mindfulness Practices 2024

"Embodiment is the foundation for healing. Without embodiment, we have no instrument to receive the world and to ground the energy of anxiety, fear and trauma. Our body is the instrument that allows the energy to return and become fertile soil for the future."

Kosha Joubert
CEO Pocket Project

Summit Hosts 2024

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